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The Solution to Poverty…

That Poverty is a continental epidemic in Africa is no new news.

Every night, millions of Africans go to bed on empty stomachs (hungry would have been a better option at least they got some food in their intestines).

Millions of families in Africa have their daily bills well below two dollars.

African Governments and NGOs have been trying their hands on several initiatives which they feel are likely solutions to endemic poverty status but the number of poor people keep growing.

You know why?

That’s because as long as people accept to be termed “poor” they will remain that way for a very very long time. Even Jesus, the Christ(the best man ever liveth at least according to the Christians) attested to this. He said “ You will always have the poor among you…..” (Mark 14:7)

“ You will always have the poor among you…..” (Mark 14:7)

You see that?

As long as “Boy George” accepts that he his poor and continues to rely on food stamps for “poor people” he will remain poor and we will always have him among us.

What then is the solution to poverty?

You wanna guess?

It’s Hustle! Cold-blooded hustle.

My stay in the eastern parts of Nigeria the native land of the Igbos (the most industrious tribe of Nigeria) has taught me a couple of new things about the new face of hustle.

Hustle is you selling something for a little more than you bought it.

Hustle is you getting somebody to pay you for a service, a price that is a little higher than the service cost you.

Hustle is you having the skills to persuade people to drop their hard-earned Naira notes for whatever solution you have to offer to them (Without Knives and Guns)

Hustle is you grinding to make profits no matter how small your merchandise.

That is the solution to poverty. Not food stamps, not international aid, not stomach-infrastructural enhancement schemes. The problem is the seemingly “poor” amongst us find it easier to be handed Noodles than working their asses straight out of the grip of poverty.

I leave you with the first law of Hustle..

You wanna guess?

Okay, your next bottle of Orijin is on me if you guess it right?

The First Law of Hustle;

Create your customer base

Find people who are willing and able to pay for what ever good or service you have to offer and you are well on your way outta poverty.


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