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The only thing you need to make now is Impact.

Its a beautiful Sunday evening somewhere in Enugu, Nigeria.

The weekend has been a cool one with less hustle and bustle.  And I guess the ambiance afforded me the opportunity to take some rewind thoughts.

I have been doing some thinking about how things have evolved from the previous years.

There was a time when we eagerly dreamt of a future. That future is gradually looking like what we have now.

There was a time when all I hoped for was an extra 10 MB of Internet data allowance so I could complete my HTML course on Now I crunch more than 3GB in a matter of days.

There was a time when I had to save up One thousand naira to purchase a book at the local bookstore at FUTA South gate. Now, I can afford to buy tens of those books at a go.

There was a time when all that was needed for me to continue working on my desktop PC then was that the then NEPA should just restore power since we did not have a generator. Now I own a generator that I can run for 72 hours  if EEDC refuses to restore power.

There was a time my life goal was owning a laptop so I can install Visual Studio and continue my Visual Basic coding. Now I can walk into any computer store, swipe my card and buy yet another laptop in addition to the one I have.

There was a time when I just hoped I could just own a room of my own so can focus more on thinking and reading. Now I have an apartment with rooms where I can think, read and do whatever I want.


It done on me that everything we have asked for, Nature or God has provided. 

The only thing We ( You and I) need to do now is make impact!

Apply the knowledge and skills we have acquired over the years into ventures that will impact our world. Initiate projects that will challenge the status quo, extend the frontiers of living as humans and change the course of history.


Spring up new ventures!

Strike new partnerships!

Change the course of history!

What was once a potential is now an opportunity ready to be tapped. Its time to make impact.




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