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The Business side of everything

With my few years of experience in active hustling, I have come to discover that there are two sides to everything; the regular side which every Tom,Dick and Harry knows and the business side which only a few “bahd sharp guys” have insider information about.

In every endeavor under the sun, the are two sides. Let me call them the side of the “debittors” and the side of the “creditors” AKA the regular side and the business side.

In religion for example, there are Pastors and Imams whose main mission is to help as many people make heaven as possible even if they have to stay hungry, wear rags and carry bushy hairs to do that and then there are Pastors (like my own Pastor :D) who are not only ensuring that people make heaven but also ensure that the “Man of God” takes occasional trips to places like Dubai, Paris and Abu Dhabi to see the good works the “Good Lord” is doing in those places. They also ensure that they appreciate the kind of suits God is using brother Armani to make; they know that blessed are the feet of them that preach the gospel so they ensure the Man of God wears good Gene Bendi shoes and that the feet of the “Mother in Israel” should not lack Louboutins either. They know what is means to pray to God from the comforts of a Range Rover Sport, they know that prayers are answered faster when the man of God moves closer to heaven in his private jet

In education, there are lecturers and teachers just like my Dad whose happiness lies in seeing their students grow up become Doctors and Engineers and Lawyers on the business side, their are also teachers and lecturers who teach students as equally well as their colleagues but who are buoyant to the point that they do not know what the government is paying as minimum wage. They only know some change comes into one of their accounts from the state or federal government they are working part time for.

In IT and Tech where I domicile, there are several friends of mine who are 21 century Einsteins, they code their life away trying to “discover Mungo Park”; when you ask them what they are doing, there responses are also the same; “ They are Changing the world”. And then there are sharp guys like myself and other “bahd baddo baddest” guys who only need to acquire the Minimum Viable Understanding of a new technology that is enough to make money off it, and before that stops selling we have acquired some other knowledge that will ensure the cash keeps flowing like the Niagara Falls.

The Divide

Another thing I discovered is a very fierce divide between the two sides. The guys on the regular side some times see the guys on the business side as greedy swindlers who only care about money.

My question is: Do you call a man greedy for attempting to make profit from the products and services he is offering??

I bet the answer is NO from Enugu to Lagos to Kampala to Kigali to Kuala Lumpur to New York City.

I end the post with a quote from my favorite CNN presenter Richard Quest;

Whatever you are up to in hours and days to come, I hope it’s profitable

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