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The Business of Governing Nigeria

Last week, President Obama gave his last State of Union address as the President of the United States of America.

While listening to him, a lot of things ran through my mind. Of course, he is the President of the Most Powerful Nation in the World BUT what I heard that day wasnt coming from the President of a Nation. Those were the words and voice of a Businessman, a Sales Person who is so Passionate about the product he is offering. The man I listened to that day was an AMERICAN BRAND AMBASSADOR.

Arguably, the United States is not close to being perfect but we have seen the American Psyche at work over and over again and that has brought them to where they are today. America is the America we are seeing today because her leaders both Past and Present, Dead and Alive governed the affairs of the Nation like they were running a business empire. Call them any name you want. The Presidents and of course other cabinet members who have had the opportunity of occupying government positions employed a BUSINESS APPROACH to POLITICS. They saw America as a BUSINESS which is all out to MAKE profit and of course the benefits are obvious.

Now back to Nigeria,

Technically I have been around here for well over two decades, a such, I am not a novice when it comes to being experienced in the affairs of the nation. Nigeria just like her sister African Nations are more of less the black sheeps in the world family. (Black was used deliberately). We are so naturally BLESSED to the point that we needed to create ARTIFICIAL PROBLEMS for ourserlves.

With large expanses of Land suitable for all forms of Agriculture, Natural Resources equitable dispersed in virtually every region, little or no natural disasters YET Nigeria and Africa still receive foreign SURVIVAL AIDS…. What a Calamity…


Spotlight on the current dwindling in the Nigerian Economy;

Crude Oil dont forget is a Natural Resource; that means we technically have no inputs in its manufacturing, all we are left to do is EXTRACT and REFINE or SELL.

We chose to SELL in CRUDE FORM and pay additional subsidies to buy REFINED products from the “WISER nations”.

Crude Oil prices in the international market stood sticky around a hundred dollars per barrell for almost a decade WHILE our benchmark prices were around $50… That implied we made 100% profit for every barrel of Crude sold. YET, just a FEW down slides of Crude Prices our economy is showcasing its fragility to the WORLD.


Our Politicians took the LIBERTY of political appointments to RAPE the country and its citizens of her WEALTH. With one man DIVERTING the NATION’S Wealth and resources to funding personal political ambitions.

Poverty and Hunger led frustrated folks to the EXTREMES of RELIGION killing fellow CITIZENS without a BLINK


I have said it time and time again, NIGERIA and AFRICA’s problem is ARTIFICIAL (SELF-MADE) and a such our SOLUTIONS must be SELF-MADE as well.

Nigeria still retains the TITLE of the largest MARKET in the WORLD.

Ever wondered why amidst the economic hiccups, ALIKO DANGOTE is still the RICHEST black man in the world?

The solution to Nigeria’s problem LIES in a BUSINESS APPROACH to GOVERNANCE.


What we NEED are LEADERS who will PILOT the AFFAIRS of our dear country like that of a FORTUNE 1000 company…


and the Nation and its PEOPLE will enjoy the dividends….



Elections will come and go, Tribunals will sit severally, the men in the Church industry will publicize prophesy upon prophesy, we are going no where.

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