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The African Kid CNN will not show you.

I came across the video below earlier today. As I watched the video, the only thing that came to mind was “This is the Africa they wont show to the World”. The kid reminded me of my technical exploits as a kid too. I built stuffs from Electric grinders to Battery Power carton-cars and even a Tin-can antenna to boosten our analog T.V. reception. If I did this while I was young and this dude is doing this, then it depicts to me that thousands or rather millions of African kids are getting their hands dirty building CLEAN inventions.


Enough talk, watch the video.


“This is the Africa they wont show to the World”

Instead, what they show you is this:

and this



P.S. Hunger is not native to Africa alone. There are poor and hungry people in America,Asia,Australia and the rest of the World. I think the scale will be fair enough if every continent is showcased on the same criteria.


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