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TENT IV : Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

That is one of the most common debate topics in business cycles. 

It is similar to the “Glass is half full or half empty argument”.

Whether half full or half empty, what matters in there is Water in the Glass.


Also, this is not the literary and debating club of your “Secondary School” where You hoped to convince and not confuse people about a topic.

We will not waste our time arguing FOR or AGAINST the motion.


Some Entrepreneurs are Born.

Some are Made. Period!


Whichever route You took to get to the market, all that matters is that now that You are in the market, You go ahead and Make some Money.

While I was looking for a feature image for this post on Google Images, I found an image that captured my thoughts exactly. See the image below;

Image result for i sold the glass


Before we go however, let us examine what the two notions mean.


Some people are NATURAL BORN Entrepreneurs.

Either by Genetics or DNA or Nature or Talent, they just have a knack for doing Business.

Ope my cousin is on this table.

Nigga has been selling things since we were primary school kids in Sacred Heart.

Give him a Sweet he doesnt like, instead of crying and saying he doesnt want, he collects it and then goes ahead to TRADE it… I know this because I was one of his frequent customers.

Last Christmas during the annual family reunion, I asked him what he does now… Guess his answer?…

He said “Baba I be Merchant o”…. Talk about GENERAL MERCHANDISE.

I am sure You also know one or two people who just have an inborn trait for the “hustle”… Those are naturally born Entrepreneurs.


On the left hand side of the ring are people like me.

The only thing I was born with was the ability to READ BOOK and understand quite FAST.

As a kid, I didnt try to sell anything, all I wanted to do was DUST everybody (including their grand fadas) in my class.

On several occasions that happened until I started meeting folks that were “Badder” than Me in the area.

Growing up, I knew I wanted to be Rich and in this part of the world, “bookerneers” like me end up becoming University Lecturers who in collaborating with ASUU can STRIKE better than Sango and  Thor.  🙂 

Therefore, it was germane that I had to become something else if I wanted to live the kind of life I hoped to live. 


I looked around and the richest people I know were Business people.

The other good news was that they were not necessarily smarter than me. I sabi book pass them  😆 So I said to myself, if this person can become a business person and he is not as book smart as I am, then I can too.

So I decided to learn how to become and Entrepreneur.

In this case we are the MADE Entrepreneurs.. Those of us that were not born with any special hustle intelligence BUT learnt stuffs along the line.


Moving forward,

If You are a BORN-Entrepreneur, well congratulations,…Go ahead, do your thing and show the world what You are made of.

Let me add a small caveat here

The fact that You are born with in-born traits of Entrepreneurship is not a fail proof that You will become a Successful Entrepreneur.

The world of business and entrepreneur is risky and uncertain so there are situations that will defy your natural talents..In which case, it is your Grit, determination, network and attitude that will keep You going.

Your natural ability might just make becoming an Entrepreneur easier for You, it wont guarantee You success like that.



If on the other hand, Entrepreneurship no too dey your DNA like that but You want to learn it, then, stay tuned that is what the next post is all about.

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Let me leave You with this profound advice by Jack Ma; the original Alibaba.


In the next post, we will examine how people can learn the skill of Entrepreneurship.

Yours in this hustle!,

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