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Tech Strategies for Small Businesses : Intro

Hey guys, so we just finished a series on Money.

If You did not follow the series, You can still do some catch up here.


I am not like your “Life Coaches” that will give You “quotable quotes” and then tell You to go and find yourself.

Brethren, we are not lost. We just need adequate knowledge, a good strategy and result-creating actions.


In the Money series we agreed that Money is made via exchanges and the more exchanges we perform, the more Money we will make.

One of the best ways I know to make Money is running or being part of a profitable business.

As a matter of fact, 8 out of 10 of the Rich people I know owns or is part of at least one business.


And incase I did not tell You, asides from Writing, Hiking Mountains and making friends with beautiful ladies, I am also a Technology Professional.

I am going to be ending this year (of writing) and starting 2019 with this series.

In this series, we will be exploring HOW SMALL BUSINESSES CAN LEVERAGE ON TECHNOLOGY to achieve their goals.

If You noticed, I did not say MAKE MONEY. Why? Because we are in business for different reasons.

A not-for-profit small business enterprise will be more focused on reaching their target audiences than making sure Income exceeds Expenditure (they need to keep Incomes above Expenditures anyway)

So whatever your goal is, we will share knowledge and strategies on how You can use Technology to your advantage.


Also, I decided to focus on small businesses because that is the quadrant where most of us are or can I say this is the table that most of us are lying on. So let’s shake the goddamn table.

The big businesses can afford a full department of fullstack Tech Ninjas so why bother them with these little tips?.

In the series, we shall be covering the following:

  1. What is a Business?
  2. What is a Small Business?
  3. Is your Business a Small Business?
  4. Demystifying your Business.
  5. Articulating your Business Goals?
  6. Identifying your Customer segment?
  7. Digital Marketing.
  8. Bursting some Tech myths.
  9. Which technology tools are available to You?
  10. Which technology tools align with your goals?
  11. How to You go about using these tools?
  12. Measuring your progress. Are these tools really delivering results?

If You don’t own a business yet, No biggies, we got You covered too. I will devote a post or two to folks who do not yet own any businesses and hopefully before the end of the series, the Angel of Businesses (I have been trying to get his name..lets call him Angel Chukwudi for now) will bring one your way.


Stay tuned, Bookmark this page or enter your email in the box below so the next posts get delivered straight to your email address.

And while You are waiting for the series to unfold, I have a gift to whet your appetite.

It is a small business book I wrote in 2016.

It is a compedium of lessons I learnt from one of the smartest business people I have been opportuned to work with. (I have learnt more since writing the book anyways).

You can download it below.


See you in the series.


Yours in this hustle,

‘Seun Ogunmola



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