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Show me your failure resume

Back then in School, I enjoyed attending “motivational” programs where I will hear how someone went from having 17,000 in the bank to making 17 Million within two years etc… And then I will get fired up and want to go make my own 17 Million.

What I did not know then was that what I just heard just like my friendAdemola Morebise  right opined this morning was the “Best part of the story”.

Most people will only tell you the best part of their stories.
Which motivational speaker will come and tell you how someone put in the last money in his account into his DREAM and PASSION only for him to “wake up” from that dream and all his life savings was gone…. That will cause ‪#‎BadMarket‬

That is why in every CV and Resume you see, the writer is always the “Clark Kent”, He/She “singlehandedly” EPPED his former firm to make 50 Million, He/She is passionate, creative, can work under pressure, can multitask and megatask…. Na so!

I enrolled for a course in Creativity and Innovation recently, guess what our first assignment was?…. A FAILURE RESUME..

Our tutor required us to write a resume of everything we have failed at till date. It took me a while to remove my “Superman Cape” and actually think about the not so good parts of my story… Trust me that experience was one of the best I have had.

Lying in our supposed Failures are seeds to our next Successes…


P.S. You should try write your own Failure Resume too.. 😀 😀 ‪#‎GoodLuck‬

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