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If you ask me for a one word summary of the concept we have come to know as LIFE, then I will say RETURNS.

RETURNS make the world go round.

Whether you are a in Business, Academia, Religion or even Prostitution, we have a common ground…RETURNS..


The business guy expects a RETURN on whatever money or time he puts into a venture,

The Academic expects a research breakthrough, loads of dissertations and papers as RETURNS for his daily Cerebrations..

Religious folks expect to spend an ETERNITY with the GOD of their Religion someday as returns for DOING what they are DOING right now..

The Worker expects SALARIES and WAGES as RETURNS for his time and obedience in a firm.


Be it RETURNS ON INVESTMENTS (ROI) or Returns on Religion or Return of Prostitution, Wisdom depicts that we as EXPENDERS have a good UNDERSTANDING of RETURNS…

Whatever you are doing and doesnt have hopes of RETURNS shouldnt be done anyways…


BTW, Your GOAL everyday should be to RETURN to your BED at NIGHT RICHER than you woke up that day…

The Definition of RICH is up to you.


I am Seun Ogunmola.

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