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PBS V : Reach out to your audience

**This is the 5th Article in this series.

In case You stumbled on this one, there are 4 articles before this and they serve as foundational blocks for this one. Click here to start the series.


For the initiated, let’s proceed  😀 ..


So now that You know what Branding and Personal Branding is, You have crafted your USPs, You even have an Elevator Pitch,


Go to Church and share testimonies??  🙄 


The next stage in your personal branding journey is to REACH OUT TO YOUR AUDIENCE.


The truth is your brand is not for You, it is for your audience.


Abi when You newly painted your house or car, did You stay outside all day to enjoy the beauty of your house? No I guess.

The beauty of the newly painted house is for your audience and same goes for branding.


Now that You have a Brand, How do You reach out to your audience?


Your audience just like your USP is determined by no other person but You.

We might be in the same space but have different audiences.

For instance, I have a friend who is a Software Developer like me BUT he does not deal with individuals (AKA He is gbogbo Bigs Boys in *Jenifa’s voice*)

He prefers Business to Business (B2B) dealings instead.

I on the other hand do a lot of my dealings with individuals (I do B2B too for the records o)

Are we both Software Developers? Yes..

Do we have the same audiences? No.


You got what I was trying to explain sey?


Now over to You..

  1. Who are your audiences?
  2. What is their demography?
  3. Where do they live?
  4. What do they do?
  5. What is the best medium to reach them?

Answering some of these questions will go a long way in helping You reach out to them.


For instance, some “celebrities” use Instagram, some use Facebook, some use Twitter and some combine 2 or more.

The choice of mediums is determined by your target audience.


One of the best ways to connect with your audience is still the plain old physical meeting.


When I meet You, I form my opinions about You faster and determine whether I want to do business with You or not.

I might be following You on Social Networks BUT I am not necessarily following You in real life.


Therefore, in addition to our ONLINE AUDIENCES, we should pay attention to our OFFLINE and often times more important audiences.


So which tools are at your disposal..

For the Online Space, You have Social Networks.

Like I hinted earlier, different social networks have different uses.

And by the way, Facebook, IG, Twitter are SOCIAL NETWORKING WEBSITES

The Media (Text, Video, Images, Audio) generated on these Social Networking Websites is what we called SOCIAL MEDIA.. Dont get it twisted. (Thank you for coming to my Social Networks 101 class  🙂 ).


In this 2019, every upwardly mobile person knows to have accounts and a well structured profiles on Social Networks..

It is the easiest point of call for your online audiences to reach out to You.


Also, make sure your profile is IN SYNC with your Brand.


You dont have “Fwesh Pweencess Holuwarthorseen” on your profile and reach out to me that you want to offer me a service… rara o!  🙄 


Your profile name is “OG Pablo Fundz” and You want us to do business together… izz laik sometin is wrong with your diaphragm” *in Falz’s voice”


What I am saying in essence is that whatever your brand offering is should also reflect in your online profiles.


And for your offline clients,

You will need a Complimentary Card or what we call Business cards in this part of the world.


And dont do it like most people do, I go to events and some random negro walks up to me and hands me his card.

The question is “Why should I call or reach out to You?“.


What I am trying to say in essence is that, before You hand out your card, build an interaction with the person.

Have a small side-talk where You use your Elevator Pitch to give the person a WOW EXPERIENCE…

Often times, If You “wow” enough, it is the person that will request for your complimentary card not the other way round.

I believe You now know better?

Otherwise, if You walk up to me at an event and just hand me your card, I will just get home and add it to the stack of “Stranger Cards” I have already.

My own card costs about 50 Naira per unit, so I will not want to waste my hard earned 50 Naira by giving it out so it will go and gather dust somewhere…

Give whoever You are handing your card to a reason to want to call or send You an email.


In the next (and last) article for this series, I will be answering the final question “Do I need a Website for my Brand?”

I will see You in the next one.







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Before they come and sue my ass.  😎 




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