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PSB VI : Do I need a Website for my Brand?

Hi, this is the 6th and final article in this series.

If You are a first timer here, Click here to read the first article.


Now to the “Queshuns” of the day *in Broda Shaggi’s voice*


Do I need a website for my Brand?

I am just a freelancer do I need a Website?

As a professional Writer, Fashion Designer, Farmer, Bitcoin dealer…. do I need a Website?


I get these questions on a daily basis and I answer like Jesus  would πŸ˜† .


You are wondering how I answer sey?  πŸ™„ 

I answer with parables. 

Parables and stories have a way of engaging the imagination of the audience and driving home the point faster


So, let me go ahead and answer the question with the parable of Sister Linda.

I know You want to listen to the parable dont You?

Here You go!

Once upon a time in an ancient country called Nigeria, there lived a young Lady named Linda.

Linda was the “Baddest Blogger Ever Liveth” in the country and across the continent.

Linda’s blog ran on blogger; Google’s free blogging service.. so her domain name was something like

Linda began to make money from her blog and at some point she even crossed the big B.

Linda became a Billionaire Blogger (BB) while her mates were still hustling for BlackBerry (BB)..

As it is with every successful person, Linda attracted haters.

One day some of the haters reported Linda’s blog to blogger and Blogger SUSPENDED the account.

All the years of hard work on this cash making blog was about to go down the drain.


Thankfully, Blogger restored the account and this time, Linda was wise enough to get her own Website and Domain even though still powered by blogger BUT she now has more control.

That is the end of the parable.  πŸ™‚ 

Did You learn anything?


Now over to You

I know You have a Facebook account, You have plenty followers on Instagram, You have more followers than Jesus on Twitter and your Whatsapp Business account is making sense.

The question is “What if Mark Zuckerberg (the owner of FB, IG and Whatsapp) and Jack Dorsey (one of the co-founders of Twitter) hold a meeting tomorrow and decide to SHUT DOWN FB, Twitter, Whatsapp and IG (it may never happen sha)?” BUT if You wake up tomorrow and Facebook’s website is looking like Efritin’s website (You should check Efritin’s website out though  πŸ˜† ).

What if Blogger or WordPress suspends your FREE Blog like they did to the Linda in our parable?

All your content and years of hard work gone just like that?


What You are doing on FB, IG, Twitter, Blogger and WordPress is like building your Mansion and Castle on a land YOU RENTED. 

Your landlord can kick You out any day any time.

Here is another point,

If 2 people approach You to offer You a service and You ask them to send You their website addresses so You can check them out, one gives You his address as and the other gives You which one will You check first?

Your answer is as good as mine.

Owning a website and a domain of your own adds to the “premiumness” of your brand.

You come through as somebody that can afford the basic premium things not some “hungry” man trying to hustle.


I believe with this few points of mine I have been able to convince You and not confuse You that in whatever You are doing, You need a Website of your own to reach your online clients (and potential customers outside your immediate environment).


The problem beneath the problem

If You will agree with me, the truth is that “We all know the importance of owing a website”.

You dont need to read a blog post and a parable to KNOW how IMPORTANT a website is to your brand.


The major problem beneath the problem is that most people think THEY CANNOT AFFORD the services of a Web Developer.

These Nigerian Web Developers are becoming too expensive these day.. What is “doing” them sef?


Excuse You!

I am one of the so permit me to speak for them.

The truth is Buhari and Jubril have screwed up our economy, the dollar is screwing all of us in the ass. 

Most of our services are purchased in dollars…even the so-called Nigerian hosting service providers are mere resellers to companies abroad.

So a domain name and hosting that used to cost 2,500 Naira back in the days now cost about 10,000 Naira

So the “expensiveness” of websites is not our fault like that, You can put the blame on Buhari or Jubril..  πŸ™‚ 


I have a deal for You however


Here is the deal..

In the spirit of “Happy New Year”, I will be HELPING 30 people OWN their own websites.

If You notice I said HELP, because technically, You might not be able to afford my services *carries shoulder*,

You know SWEET BOY Web Developers like us, we no dey too look for clients like that Na dem dey rush us..  😎   πŸ˜€ 


So here is the deal..

I will build You a website… not for FREE  :mrgreen: , You have to show some commitment.. the offer is not for everybody.. I am not contesting for any position in 2019 so I dont need to give free things.


You pay for the HOSTING which costs about 10,000 Naira on Whogohost depending on your choice of domain name

and You pay for the  Data and the COFFEE I will consume while writing the code… Yes, Coffee is part of the raw materials for coding..


The offer is for people who have built a brand but dont have a Website yet and are SERIOUS about owning a Website.


If that sounds like You, start your journey to owing a website by filling the form below..

I will get your responses and reach out to You.


By the way, TERMS and CONDITIONS apply o… I know if I send You a T & C document, You might not read it, so let me summarize what I am offering You here.

With this offer, I will

  1. Build You a standard website with your own domain name
  2. Import any content from your existing free blog
  3. Provide You 5 customized emails
  4. Link/Embed your existing social media accounts into the website
  5. Provide You a small manual to enable You manage your website easily.


You are not BUYING YOURSELF an on demand web developer o, I am not your personal “Web Guy”.. I once had somebody pay me 50k for a website and in her words I am now her “Web Guy” ..She wakes up in the morning and feels like changing the fonts on her site…my phone rings… πŸ™„ 

Well except if You want to employ me sha o… then we can sit down in the lounge of Eko Hotels and discuss my JD.  😎 

I am not building You something like Konga or Jumia … If You need that, we will re-negotiate the deal.

Konga did not build their website with 50k or 100k… Sey You get.


So lets forget about the super story.. You want to hop into this offer?

Fill the form below.

Caveat : It is on a first come first serve basis o


With that, we have come to the end of this Personal Branding for Business series.

I hope You have learnt a thing or two..

Thank You for following.  πŸ™‚ 

I will be starting another interesting series this week so keep tabs..

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