Exposed!!!: One Major Mistake You have been making with your Proposals that is costing You Millions.

Very quickly let me show You one major mistake You have been making with your proposals that is not allowing You close as many deals as possible.
You see,
Don’t just write Proposals,
give your potential Customers CRAZY OFFERS!.
Offers that will make them look stupid IF they don’t take it.
I know You have mastered the usual format of “proposals”;
About Us, Our Team, Mission, Vision, Products and Services….etc
Your (potential) Customers see all sorts of that on a daily basis…
How is your own different?
What You should do instead is change the game.
Give your Customers OFFERS they cannot resist.
Let them know HOW MUCH extra VALUE they will get for less.
Instead of saying, We are an Information Technology company, we specialize in Web Development…yada yada yada.
We will build You an e-Commerce Website worth 500k for half the Price.
Go ahead, list all the BENEFITS (not features) they will get from the Website.
Now ask them.. Will You take this once-in-a-lifetime offer or we should take it to your Competitors.
That is how to play this competitive game!.
Our Motto for the year?
No Offer!, No Money!!!
I wish You the very best in your Business.
Bela Ciao! Bela Ciao! Bela Ciao!

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