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Predictable Excellence


Yesterday evening, I broke one of my lifelong rules.

I spent 90 minutes of my limited, counting-down life watching a football match.

Of course, you guessed right, it was the much publicized Arsenal FC Vs. Barcelona FC champions league match.

Technically, I did not go and see two teams play, I went to watch Lionel Messi.

Even before the match started, something somewhere in me knew Barcelona FC. was going to win the match and Lionel Messi was going to be very instrumental to the win.

As at the end of the half time, the two teams held a goal-less draw, but in the course of the second half, something happened.

Technically Messi happened and Barcelona won the match with two goals coming from him.

The bar where I had gone to watch the match became very noisy, fans chanting Messi all over the place.

However, in the midst of the noise, something popped in my head, PREDICTABLE EXCELLENCE!. I was well able to predict that Barcelona would win the match and that Messi would carry the day then I asked myself, what if I was the MESSI in my field or any endeavour I decide to put my ends on?

What if I grew to the point where I walk into a business or enterprise and people can automatically predict that it will come out well?

By the way, my 90 minutes was not wasted though!. I left the arena with a principle.


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