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PBS IV : Craft your Elevator Pitch

Welcome back!,

This is the 4th article in the Personal Branding for Success series.

If You have followed this series studiously, by now, I believe You should have an above-average understanding of the concepts of Branding and Personal Branding.

You should also be able to identify your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) easily.

If You have not been following the series, You can still catch up with the previous articles here.


I believe we are all on the same page now?


Next thing You need to do after identifying your USP is to craft your ELEVATOR PITCH.


I can almost hear You asking which one is ELEVATOR PITCH again? in your subconscious.


Let us break it down…

You know an Elevator dont You?..

We call it a LIFT in this part of that world.

It is that machine that takes You from one floor to another in a building or mall saving You the stress of using the stairs.


How about a Pitch?


A Pitch in this context is not a green area where You play football o :mrgreen:

A (business) pitch is what You say to your customers or investors to convince them to buy your products or invest in your business.

Sey You get?

Bringing the 2 together,

an Elevator Pitch is a pitch You make in an Elevator…. period!  🙂 


Still dont understand?


Let me help You understand it.


Let us assume You walk into an elevator…

You punch the 24th floor into the keys and then You turn around and see Alhaji Dangote himself or the M.D. of the organisation You work for and its just the 2 of You in the elevator,

What will You do?

Request for an autograph? or become star-struck and faint?  🙄


Lets assume Mr Dangote decides to smile at you with his “billionaire mouth”.LOL.. and says to You, “how are You my friend may I meet You?


What will You say to Dangote? knowing fully well that Dangote is alighting at the 20th floor, so You have like 30-50 seconds before the elevator gets to the 20th floor?


Whatever You say withing that 30-50 seconds period is your elevator pitch

Will You say

“Dangote Baba, Tuale baba mi, anything for the boys?”


“Will You say Hello Mr Dangote, I am Seun Ogunmola, I am a Technology Professional, I help people like You and their businesses leverage on Technology to achieve their goals FASTER, CHEAPER and EASIER”.


Which of the 2 pitches do You think we attract further enquiries from Alhaji Dangote or the M.D. of your company?

Your answer is as good as mine…well except You work with MC Oluomo in Oshodi sha.


Simply put, your ELEVATOR PITCH is a summarised version of your CORE COMPETENCIES and the major offerings of your USP.


Now what next?


Go ahead, imagine You walk into an elevator and meet Alhaji Dangote inside… craft what You will tell him that will make him invite You to see him in his office later.


I will see You in the next post where we will talk about automating your Personal Brand.


Yours in this hustle,

‘Seun Ogunmola.



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