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On Personal Branding and why You should actively build yours

When we hear “Personal branding”, we are almost tempted to think it is a concept reserved for C-Suite Executives in corporate boardrooms throwing management jargon up and down.

Well, that is half of the truth.

The other half is that every “Person” has a “Brand” whether they realise it or not.

The bad news is, whether You are aware or not, You are building a Brand either actively or passively.

I am sure by now You know your “Brand” transcends logos and graphics?

“When we hear your name, what comes to our minds?”

The answer to that question summarises your brand.

Let me give You real life examples from my daily interactions,

When I hear Macaulay Babajide Milton, I know he is probably dropping another gem from his “6th Sense” or announcing the latest Scholarship winner.. so whenever I am ready to win a Scholarship too, I know who to talk to.

When I hear Emmanuel Jesuyon Dansu, I know he is talking about the latest Mathematical “problem” they have created (even though they think they are creating solutions) or sharing insights from MOGs, so the day my Nephew or Niece brings a Maths problem that is beyond my power, I know who to call.

When I hear Idede Osesky Oseyande, Baba is probably talking about the next trends in Politics (emphasis on Edo).

At the mention of Ademola Morebise, I know they are discussing the next Businesses to Build and latest cool initiatives they are inventing.

I can continue to mention other people and what comes to mind when I hear their names but I do not like lengthy post.

On the flip side too, there are folks who when I hear their name, I know I am about to read yet another “Brain Fart”.. I wont mention their names lest they come and drop a “de-branding” comment on this post.. I am allergic to “dust yarning”.

Morale of this story:
You are a brand.
Your brand has got nothing to do with how much You have, how many Suits You have in your wardrobe or how fine your “Studio Pishure” is.
You have 2 options; Actively Build it or be passive about it and leave it to our imaginations.

If You do not know where to get started, I wrote a small book on Personal Branding sometimes back, I titled it “Build your Brand by Yourself”, You can download it here :


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