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On Motivational Speakers and “Dont work for people”

Anytime I am opportune to listen to yet another motivational speaker talk about the “Be Your Own Boss” topic, I cannot but laugh.
The way they flog the “if You dont work on your dreams, someone else will employ You…yada yada yada” amazes me.
The question is, if all of us decide to become our own bosses, who will be the staff in companies”?
Who will handle HR, Accounting, IT, Security, Janitorial services etc in your company?..
You will become an Octopus I guess?
You see, not all of us will “become our own bosses” in the context You use it, not all of us will go straight out of School and become our own bosses.
Some of us will apprentice under somebody for a while before becoming whatever we want to become, some will not.
You know the funny thing?
Your Man Crush Motivational speaker worked HAPPILY under Fela Durotoye and the likes before branching out..
Now He is giving You depression because you are LEARNING under someone while You find your bearing…
Bhet what do I know sef?
Forget everything I wrote above jare..
Dont work for somebody o…
Resign today today,
Fire your goddamn Boss,
Rent the next office to your office and start your own businesss,
Make Billions before December,
Buy Benz,
Vacation in Dubai with your Wife or Girlfriend…
Eat breakfast in the sky..
When You wake up from your dream…come back and read this post 😀
Well, that was on a lighter note.
What if we flip the coin instead?
So You are currently working for a company or somebody? Great.
Why not use this time to LEARN and EXPERIMENT.
Learn as much as You can from your current employer, if it is an organisation that supports Research and Development, attend as many training as You can, leverage on the contacts You make in the company.
Sometime, your current employer might actually be your potential customer. What if You find a way to fit into their value-chain and be their supplier?
Dont You think they will be willing to do business with their ex-Staff?
What am I trying to say in essence?
Being an employee in an organisation is not a plague… If You have a flair for Business and Entreprenuership, by all means go ahead and pursue your goals.
If You feel climbing the corporate ladder is your calling, climb the ladder with your heads up and your
shoulders high.
Go ahead and BEcome everything You can BE!
By the way, if You think I am the only one with this point of view, hear what Jack Ma, China’s richest Man and the owner of Alibaba has to say in the video below:

Have yourself a great weekend ahead my friend,
Yours in the hustle,

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