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Wow your Customers with this Tip

Back in the days, when School vacates and we collect our report cards.

My Classmates : Iwe! Iwe!! Iwe!!! (Iwe means Book in they used the word in the context of hailing a Brilliant person)

Me : That’s how Star do!!!

I “waka jeje” (walk gently) home hoping to continue receiving my well-deserved accolades.

My Parents (after thoroughly scrutinising the report card): Seun, this is a retrogressive performance orchestrated by your nonchalant attitude towards your studies.

Me : Ahhhh!!… Se Ogun Laye ni….

Morale of the story;

Your best will NEVER be enough for somebody that is BENT on criticising You.

Even if You break your Neck while trying to please them, they will still say You did not break it very well.

As for my parents, well, I was their INVESTMENT so it was their duty to ensure that their ROI was consistently improving.

Also, If You work for an organisation or You run a business funded by Investors, it is germane that You ensure that your Key Performance Indicators. (KPIs) are satisfactory.

Everything else is extra-curricular activities.

Do your best, satisfy your Customers… every other criticism can go into the Suggestion Box.

This applies to Academics and Business as well as other endeavours You engage in.

Happy New Week People!!!

And in the ever fresh words of Idy Udo, “What are You looking forward to this week?”


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