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On Arguments; my point and your point.

Arguing is an vital attribute of the Cerebral.

For you to opt to argue in the first place means you have some information at your disposal which you think is correct from your POV.

Folks with little or no cerebral capabilities do not have the gut to engage in arguments.

As a matter of fact, what we call social-media or FORUMS today took their roots from the early Roman and Grecian empires where a designated place called the FORUM was setup where each person, Caesar, Augustus, Brutus et al can come and share their views. At the end of the day,each goes home with the knowledge of other Points of Views differing from theirs.

Where am I driving at?

It is OKAY for you to argue on/off social media.

It is very OKAY for you to think and FEEL your point of view is the CORRECT POV especially when ideological biases are involved.

However, what is not okay is to GO ALL ABUSIVE when people’s points of view differ from yours.


TRUTH is relative. There is a DEGREE of TRUISM.

That Jesus is LORD might be 100% true to you, but 0% True to some other persons.

TRUTHS are not eternal.

What you hold as TRUTH today has the right to be QUESTIONED and if found wanting ceases to be a TRUTH.

Share your points,
But don’t abuse other people’s sensibilities.

That is how we operate in the KNOWLEDGE AGE.


*POV – Point Of View


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