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Oh God of Creation, When did you create these looters?

I have been following closely the controversies trailing the #DasukiGate saga in Nigeria and I cannot but wonder how my dear country Nigeria got a Lion-share of such corrupt people in one generation.

I am yet to come to terms with the fact that a midst the in-security, a midst the bombings, a midst the casualities, a midst the deaths (which is currently about 6600 Nigerians), the National Security Adviser who was  supposed to be our “security-messiah” became a political-santa claus parceling chunks of the funds required to purchase military equipment to all who cared to get a share.

The newspapers this morning were collaged with various misdeeds from the alleged Dasuki Saga, from a Yakassai actually confirming he collected money to the tune of 53 Million Naira, to the very “verbose” Fani Kayode boldly attesting to the fact that he actually carted home 1.7 Billion in Naira and then a Dinner worth 82 Million Naira.. chai!. How are we sure even the insurgents did not get their fair share of the “dasuki cake” for helping to “keep boys in business”. Afterall, if there was no Boko-Haram, the country will not be compelled to invest such funds in arms and ammunition (when we are not preparing for a Civil War)

These are epistles of National betrayal. Nigeria has been raped time and time again by her own citizens.

Nigerians have lost their lives in their numbers, Scores are still in the hospitals courtesy of the aftermath of various attacks, a million others are now residents of Internal Displaced Persons (IDP) camps while their supposed brothers and sisters share “hampers” in Millions and Billions. Funds meant for securing the nation.

A quick analysis of the situation reveals that Nigeria is not ready to go anywhere anytime soon.

How do you imagine a situation where Nigerians KILL other Nigerians in the name of Religious biases.

To eliminate the Killer-Nigerians, the Federal Government (also Nigerians) employ the services of other Nigerians (Dasukis) who promptly capitalized on the fragile status of the country to exploit and rape the country of its resources.

While these was happening, other  not-so-smart Nigerians took the the streets with placards that will do nothing but media cosmetics. Some smart ones out of the not-so-smart Nigerians also used to period to build popularity especially the Social-Media-Ninjas..

What a Nigeria!


I am Seun Ogunmola.

I am also a Nigerian.


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