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Of Ogbuefi, Igbo titled men and Fulani herdsmen with no cattles

We now live in a world where we fancy bogus titles over the “real thing”.

Folks now adorn glorified titles with no definite Job Description (JD).


A world of “full stack” HTML developers…no be small stack..  🙄

Of “Business Coaches” without any real businesses to their name,

A world where folks put “Entrepreneur” on their complimentary cards…. “Entrepreneur” is not a title bra, it is a way of life. 😂.. what are You entrepreneuring?

A world where folks introduce themselves as “Christians”… the first set of christians didnt need introduction.

A world of “writers” who do not have one publication to their names.

What is the Moral of the story:

Take some clues from the Igbo people… before they call You OGBUEFI, You must have GBU-ed the EFI.

For the non-biafrans, Efi is Cow, Ogbuefi is somebody that has killed a Cow. 🤪.. we are still selling Biafra form sha…Israel will soon give us Inter-continental ballistic missile that we will use and destroy nigeria.. 😂🤣.

Having a title and not living up to it is like we calling you a FULANI herds man and You don have any Cattles… What are You herding?? You can as well start doing Aboki Shine my Shoe..

Want to be addressed a certain way? Go ahead and DO what folks addressed that way DO then you will not need to tell us what to call You.

Build 1,2 or 10 thriving business, no be You go tell us say You be Entrepreneur.


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