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Of 180 million Nigerians, my village People and your Business idea.

If You have been a good student of the online “pseudo-woke” business space, You would have heard something like this;

“The 200 Million Nigerian Market”..

or if your “woke” speaker doesn’t want to exaggerate he goes to “180 Million Nigerian” market..

or the “over 20 million people living in Lagos”.

Nothing “scams” your idea faster than thinking there are 180 million people out there hollering for your solution like a vampire hollers “I need blood!!!”…🤪🤪

So You have an app that can help me check whether the malaria drug I bought is fake or original… bravo!!!..

You are the 8th wonder of the world fam!

and then you are quoting “180 million Nigerians”… rara o!!!

You see out of that 180 million, 
some of them are resident in my village…they are my world famous VILLAGE PEOPLE and they have superior technology to track people anywhere in the world, 
I have met some of them in the annals of Nassarawa, Kebbi, Doma, Yauri, Nsukka, Obubra, Igbara Oke, Afikpo, Abakaliki, Odukpani, Beere, Oje, Epe, Bechev ati be be lo…

Some of them cannot even afford to buy drugs let alone the smart phones to download your app to check if the drugs are original or fake…

or they are not part of the 180 million market?

What is the morale of the story?

When You are thinking about your idea, forget about the 180 or 200 or the 500 million population Nigeria is destined to have by 2050..

Focus on the 1, 10, 100, 1000 SURE CUSTOMERS that will patronise You on a returning basis.


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