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Now that Crude Oil is Cheap [Poetry]

The wonder oil wasn’t it called?

Making notoriety out of previous day peasants!,

Like newly wedded brides, our neighbors envied we not?

When the money oil gushed out of our soils.

Where flee thee inhabitants of the Niger Area?

Now that crude oil is cheap!

Our hoes and cutlasses hastily we abandoned,

Our Cocoa farmers to the cities they went

White collar jobs eagerly we got,

Leaving in the rurals they labors of our heroes past,

Where would you return now oh Nigerian?

Now that Crude Oil is cheap.

Like a kite in the Wind the Oil prices rose,

Year after year double profits we made.

We ate, drank and still had much to keep

Our corrupt politicians massaging their spending egos.

But like everything on earth the law of gravity the prices obeyed,

Decelerating day after day like an automobile out of fuel.

How do we escape the coming drought?

Now that crude oil is cheap.

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