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Now that I am growing old.

Today is my birthday.

Calls for some celebration right? 

No it does not, at least not yet.

I remember a couple of years ago, one of my greatest strengths was my young age.

As providence had it, I was always one of the youngest in every class or group I found myself.

I remember dashing through primary school at 9, hopping into the university at 16, “Usain bolting” out of a 5-year course at 21.

Such feats had a way of releasing some feel good hormones in my brain.

Especially when I also get to date girls who would be the age of my eldest sister if I had one. *Vintage Chics I call them, they taste like vintage wine*… 😉

Anyways, all those are history right now. I am no longer the 9 year old youngster who aced entrance exams back-to-back neither am I the 16 year old boy who graduated from secondary school in July and got admitted in the University in September nor the 21 year old final year wannabe Professor who had the guts to throw open jab questions at his university Lecturers. 

As the saying goes, “Age is gradually catching up on me”.. AKA I am growing old.

The advises in the days to come are very obvious. Fine, I have a job with a firm in an industry that pays well above the regular food chain that means “Get a good job” is out of the advice stack. You want to guess the next set of advises?

Yeah you guessed right!. Find yourself a girl *In Timi Dakolo’s voice*, get Married, have children and build a family.

But as I grow older, the feeling of not going the way of the “Older” people who have grown old before me intensifies.

For some reasons, I dont think providence (or if it is God you call it) did not spare me this far (even though by your Pastor’s standards I should be burning somewhere in hell right now) just to get rich enough to pay for some Old man’s daughter’s dowry, increase the population of  the World and increase the sales of the marketers of Pampers and all other baby products. I believe there is so much more to this iteration we call Life than that.

We have not been placed here just to go to school, get a good job, save enough to pay for dowries, get married, get babies, grow old, die and take a walk to hell or heaven (which ever one we deserve).

In the days, months and years to come, I hope to stretch this thing we call Life to its very limits, challenge the status quo, do things the way they are not normally been done, explore the anomalistic parts of me, get married to someone not from my tribe  and not my age as the status quo dictates, live where my ancestors have not lived, make the kind of money that will make me ancestors smile from heaven or hell where ever they are and then be able to sing like Beyonce ” I was here, I lived, I loved, I explored”

With that said,

Let me go a little humorous here.

We all agree that our lives are limited right?. Even the christian bible attests to the fact that no Man by either his righteousness or prayers can add a minute to his or her life span. That implies that we are technically living on a count down timer. What it means logically is that for every birthday anniversary that comes by, my count down goes minus one year.

So tell me, why should I rent a hall, invite people, buy them food, chicken, cake and booze for losing one more year out my life span 😀

That was on a lighter mood though. Even if we will die tomorrow, we will live today like we will live forever.

Ode to me at 25! 

L’Chaim….  To Life.

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