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New Millionaires

The year 2016 just like every other year comes with its fair share of everything; Prophesies, Predictions, Disasters, Scientific Breakthroughs…just everything you can think of.

new Millionaires

Already, I have started seeing various predictions and prophesies of what lies ahead in the year. Some factual, some imaginative, some good, some bad, some very ugly. But as the old saying goes;

You choose what you believe

A midst the ocean of permutations that have already started trailing this very infant year, I have chosen what to believe and expect and amongst them is the fact that this year, there will be new millionaires and of course Billionaires.

Like it or not, Pray for it or not, this year will see the emergence of new solutions and strategic innovations in Academia,Business and Industry. New sharks will swim into Blue Oceans and a such new Millionaires and Billionaires will emerge.

Like I hinted in my happy new year post yesterday, this is not a year where You and I will sit down and watch things happen of wonder what happened. This is not the year where we will scavenge through the list of achievers trying to see if we can get a familiar name. This is the year where we will skim through the list of achievers trying to pin-point the actual location of our names. This is a year where we take the forefront on making this happen on a real time basis. Are you with me on this one? Of course you are!

Okay, now that we have establish the fact that new millionaires will be made in this year, what it implies is that currently those folks are not millionaire yet. As of today most of them are still like You and I; the regular citizens of their country but in the months to come, they will hit spotlight isnt it?

If we do not want to be left behind by the 2016 Millionaire bandwagon, I think we need to ask ourselves some critical questions.

First of all, these new millionaire who are not yet millionaires now, WHAT WILL THEY DO TO BECOME MILLIONAIRES?. They question can be further simply into the follow;

  1. Which industries will they belong to? (NICHE)
  2. What products and/or services will they be offering? (OFFERINGS)
  3. How will they make the millions? (BUSINESS MODELS)

I believe if we can provide practicable answers to these questions, becoming a member of the 2016 New Millionaires and Billionaires club will not be so difficult.

See you on the other side of the food chain.

I am ‘Seun Ogunmola.

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