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My take on the Devil’s work and other excuses.

Happy Sunday fam!,

How did weekend come through?

I have been thinking about something lately and thought to share my POV with You,


You see, where I come from, when people do things the RIGHT way, they boldly take credits for it..

But, when they do it the OTHER WAY round, they are quick to hang it on the Devil’s neck…

“Ise Esu ni” that is what they will be saying meaning It is the devil’s work

I am a good student of the Bible, and I know that the Devil in the bible is not OmniPresent.

He cannot be in multiple places at the same time… that was why he told God that he has been moving TO and FRO the EARTH… if he was OmniPresent, he would just sit in hell and control things from there..why move TO and FRO when You can use TEAMVIEWER to control things from where You are?  😛 

AKA He cannot be causing trouble in Iraq and at the same time be detonating Bombs in Yobe and slaughtering Farmers in Benue…

It is Humans like us that are doing that and putting the blames on the Devil like he is Akon.  :mrgreen:  (You remember Akon singing… “You can put the blame on me” right?  😉 )


Also, I study across many disciplines, so I know that most disciplines have the same approach to the so called Devil’s work.

In the bible, Christians are urged not be be IGNORANT of the DEVICES (Humans inclusive) of the ENEMY (the Devil).

In Medicine, once You discover a CANCEROUS GROWTH, the quicker You cut it off, the better for You..

In Project Management, there is what we call MURPHY’s LAW and it states that “Whatever can go WRONG, will inevitably GO WRONG”…so remove it as soon as You see it..

In Programming, one single BUG can end up disgracing an organization and cost her Billions..

So what is the morale of my super story?

Do not give the Devil a chance to WORK in your AFFAIRS…

Do not be emotional with situations that can give the Devil a part time work in your affairs…

And if You are the one that the Devil is sending friend request..Please decline it…



Do have a great week fam…

Don’t give the devil a part time job in your Business and if you detect any of his associates, be quick to cut them off before they scatter things and blame it on the devil.

As usual like Richard Quest of CNN will say “Whatever it is that you are up to in the week ahead, I hope and pray it is PROFITABLE”

Yours in the hustle,

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