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My Findings on Money VII : Let’s get paid

This is the 8th and final post in this series.

I am sure we have all learnt a thing or two.

Let me do a quick recap,

In this series,

we have learnt;

  1. What Money is.
  2. What Money is not.
  3. The history of Money
  4. How people make Money
  5. Why Dangote is the richest Man in Africa  and 
  6. How we can start earning more Money

You agree with me that is quite a handful.


However, knowledge alone is not sufficient…

Having some knowledge about something is like having a book on how to make Atomic Bombs.. can the book explode by itself? Your answer is as good as mine.


Knowledge without action is boredom to the brain.

Of what use is the acquisition of knowledge without taking actions?

What I am saying in essence is that as the year runs to an end, it is vital that we apply our newly acquired knowledge on the subjects of Money to our work and our endeavours so we can enjoy the benefits therein.

Let me summarise the core of this series,

Money is made via Exchange.

Exchange happens when You have something that the other party considers valuable and is willing to take in exchange for something You find valuable.

The rich ones amongst us are rich because they have found ways to increase the volumes and frequencies of the exchanges they partake in.

You are not currently as rich as You want because Your exchange is uni-directional. You need multiple exchanges to get rich.

You too can join the league of the rich if You can be creative enough to create more channels of Exchange.

With that said, this is the official end of this series.

Ladies and Gentlemen, go and get paid.

Let me leave You in the hands of Prophet Baddo as he ministers his new special number titled “Poverty Die”.



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