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My Findings on Money VI : Start your purse to fattening.

Earlier in the week, I ran into the General Managing Director of First Bank Nigeria Insurance.

Guess what he said?.. He said,

Young Men, I like your team, hope You are making Money?

In my mind, I was like “Speak Lord for your servant is listening”..LOL

So let me ask You the same question?

Hey, Thank You for reading this, I like You, hope You are making Money?


The truth is we are all making some Money no matter how small.

The bigger question is “How can we make more Money?” or to put it in the words of Arkad, the Richest Man in Babylon in George S. Clason’s famous book of the same name 

How shall we start our purses to fattening

You and I already know why we are not making “plenty” money at the moment, if You dont, You have probably not been following this series. You can read the first instalment here.

The reason is simple, You are probably on a ONE-TO-ONE exchange like most people are.

You have one major steady source of income but the people You call Rich have multiple sources..

Even the Bible recommends a minimum of 4. (Ask your Pastor…also ask him why he wants your tithes and vows coming in when He has his own full time job too…multiple sources of income baby)

So, where do we start from ?


I think the easiest place to start is where we are.

You currently have a job or run a Business,

How can You increase your channels of exchange?… either by increasing the capacity of problems You solve in that organisation or solving problems for other people outside your organisation?

I dont want to come through like your motivational speakers that will tell You to go and “find yourself” when You are not lost.


Let’s take this “to the streets” a little more practical.


Let us use an hypothetical young Man call him Ade as a case study.


Ade currently works with a firm in Lagos and he earns 100k per month which is just sufficient to cater for transportation and “maintenance” food.

How can we help Ade start his purse to fattening?

There are 3 major ways:

  1. Ade either “follows the ladder” like a Nepa man and climb his way amidst the office politics and starts earn 400k like the “big boys”. ( I am not a huge fan of this one).
  2. Ade can take a little part of his 100k say 5k or 10k and chunk it up to start a small “side hustle”… say he now buys quality stuff which he sells online or to people in his office at a profit.
  3. Ade can acquire a skill that is relevant to other people both within and outside his organisation and make some more Money (I heard Tech skills are selling like “new new open” Yaba Jeans these days).

We have come up with 3 practical ways for Ade to make some more Money than he is currently making.


Now, put yourself in Ade’s shoes and think about more creative ways to start your purse to fattening.


Let’s get paid brethren.


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