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May Crude Oil continue to fall.

The recent crashes in the global prices of crude oil has done more good to us than harm.

In a Crude Oil fueled country like Nigeria for example a number of revelations have come to lime light.Crude Oil Barrel

I have been around here for well over two decades and for the very first time in history, we are coming back to our national senses.

Over the years, we have been singing the “Diversification chorus” but unfortunately that is where it all ends.  Now that the super black oil that accounts for almost 95% of our National export is becoming “not so super” anymore, we have no choice than to look inwards and not only diversify but consolidate our numerous resources both natural and artificial.

Just yesterday, I read an article online where the current Minister of Science and Technology, stated that we (Nigeria) will start manufacturing our own Pencils by 2018. Trust Nigerians, that statement has attracted numerous comments both from the very well informed and the seemingly un-informed. What a goal?. Technically, what is implies is that all the Pencils I have been using since when I was a toddler in Creche till data have all been imported and perhaps maybe all the Pencils my Dad had used since his nursery days were all imported too because he (the minister) did not make mention of any previous Pencil manufacturing firms that probably folded up or stopped operating. That is the height of national mediocrity.

I believe in the months to come, more and more common-sense will be added to our national sense-treasury.

If it takes a drop in Crude Oil prices or even a total dry up of Crude Oil to #BringBackOurSenses, then, May Crude Oil continue to fall.


I am Seun Ogunmola!

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