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My Findings on Money IV : How People Make Money

We are finally getting neck deep into this enquiry.

The next question on our list is a question most of us must have asked at one point or the other in the quest to become rich.

How do people make Money?

That is the billion dollar question!

You are not really making Money

Before we dive in, let me make a quick clarification of a very wrong notion. Truth is nobody really MAKES MONEY.. well except like the “Babangida rumour” back in the days, You have an HP Printer that was specifically built for printing Naira and Dollars. Then we can say You are a Money Manufacturer Bro.

So what do we do then, its just english grammar mismatch brethren, what we do is EARN MONEY and then when we become smart enough, our MONEY goes ahead to EARN MORE of its kind.

Let me throw in more light, say You wish to “make” 10,000,000 Naira by 31st December 2018, do You think the Central Bank of Nigeria will go and print your own 10M for You? not really. If You are lucky You can get mints that were printed in 2018 but they dont do bespoke Money printing.

The Mulla You are looking to make is in somebody’s pocket, somebody’s account, some Government coffers, some company’s corporate account.

What You have to do is not what? EARN IT! 

How do You go about earning it? Lets move forward brethren.. We are going to Canaan!!


First, let us take some clue from the barter system.

A typical barter transaction looks like this;

Mr A has a cup of Rice but he needs a cup of Garri, he looks for Mr B who HAS a cup of Garri and is WILLING to EXCHANGE it for Rice.

In other words, for a transaction to happen, there must be one party who has something that is valuable to the other party and is willing to exchange that valuable thing with the other party for something that is valuable to him.

The fulcrum for any transaction is VALUE EXCHANGE.

That is exactly how people make Money.

Money is made when someone exchanges something that is valuable with another party for something that is valuable to him.


Let use more real life examples..

How do You make money? 

Yes You!!, I know You are making some money no matter how small.

Do You care to share with us in the comments section?

While You are contemplating on that, let me explain one of the ways I make money.

Asides from writing, hiking and looking for beautiful ladies to make friends with, I am a Computer Programmer.

I know HTML (How To Meet Ladies and HyperText Markup Language) and a suite of other software authoring tools.

8am to 4pm every weekday (excluding public holidays), I work as a Software Developer at a technology company that provides software solutions for her clients and I get paid for my services.

So in essence, I exchange my knowledge and ability to build software products for a monthly salary.

The company finds my skills valuable and I find the monthly credit alerts valuable too.

To put it in a broader context, people and organisations have situations they consider as PROBLEMS and when you help them proffer solutions to some of these problems, they PAY you in return and Money is made.


VALUE EXCHANGE is the best way I know to make money.

However, there are other ways to make money that are not “so valuable”.

I am sure you know some already.. let me share 2 or 3

The Begging Bowl

I am sure You have come across hail and hearty people with 2 Arms and Legs, two good eyes (maybe one), and a big head supposedly filled with billions of brain cells?

What do they do? They come at You with bowls hoping to get  some money from You.

What do they offer in return? “An appeal to pity”, can we say they are selling pity? Maybe.

This is by no means a attempt to write trash about the less privilege but when a Man has enough ability to come beg for Money, he has enough ability to learn and offer something valuable in return for the Money he wants.

We have seen cases over and over again of people who against all odds proved that there is ability after the “dis” in disability.

Do I really blame some of these people? No!

Why? Because even Africa as a continent up until this current generation has been going around the world (UN, EU, IMF, etc) with a giant-size begging bowl.

Africa was that big-headed kid that was the liability of the entire family.

Thankfully, folks in my generation are working around the clock to change these narratives.

Get an AK 47

And then there are fine boys on the highway, some wear Government uniforms, some don’t, they both carry guns and request for papers.

Some request for government papers before requested for “the other paper”, some go straight to the other paper and they can inflict injuries or even kill You if You don’t provide them with the other paper.

Did they collect your Money? Yes

Did they offer something valuable in return? well, your answer is as good as mine.

Let me shake on more table then we proceed.

Sell people Mansions in heaven

We also have real estate agents working for “God”.

According to these ones, there are Mansions for our spirts in Heaven and we have to “sow” and invest so we can afford one of these luxury mansions in the after life.

I once heard one say if You give small offerings in church, the quality of materials in your mansion in heaven will be inferior.


Esskiss Sir, sebi we will not sleep in heaven…it is only hallelujah chorus we will be singing…What do we need the goddamn mansions for? Or are we singing from home?

Anyways, advocating for the sheeples is not my calling..

Someone is already working his ass tirelessly to FREEZE the accounts of some of these DADDIES… He should get an endorsement from Thermocool very soon You know…he is doing well in the “freezer business”.


Lets move on brethren….

The next question that comes to my own mind is “if making money was this easy, why are some people Billionaires, some Millionaires, some “Thousandnaires” and some live on less than $2 per day”?.

We will attempt to provide answers to that question in the next article but in the interim, do You care for some assignment or home work?

Well, we are learning here Bro, and learning comes with homework..

It’s a simple question anyways, here You go;

Aliko Dangote is the richest Man in Africa (safe for some of our politicians who have looted money and have hidden it in every opening they can find..including their Agbadas).

1. Why do You think Dangote is the richest man in Africa?

1a. If You have followed Dangote’s story, You will know he got a 500,000 Naira loan from his Uncle Dantata (supposedly Dantata was richer than him at that time), however, Dantata is not richest man in Africa today…

Why and how did Dangote overtake his Uncle who was rich enough to part with 500,000 Naira at that time.

We will answer these questions together in the next article.

Let’s get paid brethren!


See You in the next article

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