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The Machines are coming

When I saw Humanoids like the one in the video below in the movie Ex-Machina, I thought it was just the usual Sci-Fi animations like the Robocop and iRobot, but with the way things are going, these machines appear to be catching up with us at a more faster pace.

The 21st century is a quick evolving one. First it was termed the Computer age, then computers gave way to much more sophisticated and miniature technologies, thus it evolved into the Information age, now with Big Data everywhere and the obvious information overload, this century has obviously transcended just an information age. Technological Evolutions like the Internet of Everything are developing at a very fast pace. Most notable of these is the fast-paced development of Articificial Intelligence (the mother field of Robotics,Expert Systems) etc.

As a matter of fact, juggernauts in the Tech arena are already tipping AI as the success of Computing as we know it in the next couple of years and they are staking huge amounts on the it. So get ready, the machines are coming.

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