Life Lessons from a Hospital Bed Side

I have spent the last one week of my Life at an Hospital Bed Side. I explained how it happened in my last post.

In the last one week, I have learnt a couple of Life Lessons first hand that no book or Business School can teach You.

You know that saying about experience being the best Teacher?. Well, let it be other people’s experiences. I am here nursing a Man who happens to be my Dad and a couple of other things to other people and I have been able to learn from his own experience.

In the last one week, I have seen people who were “not so close” to him travel down to Ibadan all the way from Lagos and Osun State just to see him and I have also seen people who he shared a house with continue their lives like nothing has happened. Talk about keeping your enemies closer?..LOL

I have seen his ambitions gradually slow down to just one thing… Staying Alive!

I have seen people who he has spent his entire Life thinking he was protecting automatically taking over his properties AKA if he dies sef, No wahala.

Not to bore You with plenty Stories that touch, here are the lessons summarized;

  1. Keeping your Enemies Close, but Keep your Friends Closer.
  2. Family and “We were born by the Same Mother and Father” are two different things. Learn how to differentiate FAMILY from siblings.
  3. Take care of yourself, You are all You’ve got at the end of the day.
  4. If God has done normal for You, endeavor to do normal for other people. I dont think I will be here if he has not been a good Dad to me.

and top of all;

5. Dont Kill yourself, the world is not on your head, Stay Woke, Stay Calm, Stay Calculative,Keep grinding but keep your Blood Pressure low Ariwo ko ni hustle.

And by the way, talk about IT guys and telecommuting? Man has been working remotely from an hospital ward since last week.

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