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[Life Lesson] First Class no be who collect extra sheet.

Back in my university days, one of my hobbies was collecting Extra Sheets during Exams. 😃.

People are still hustling what to write, they will hear Ogunmola is collecting extra sheets…Well, that’s how Stars do!

What happened was that You will ask me “What is a Goat?”

As the writer that I am, I will start from Genesis when God created the world and created animals and Goats were inclusive…. and then the genealogy of Goats.

Well, fast forward to when the results will come out, the Girls in my class like Zainab and Olayemi will end up scoring more than You..

Haaa! on top all my extra sheets….they must have rigged the results.

Later in life, I came across the Pareto Principle AKA the 80/20 rule.

What happens is that out of the 100% of things You do, there is a 20% of that that will contribute about 80% of your results.. and the other 80% of activities that will contribute about 20% of results.

I have found out it works in most areas; Customers, Academics, Business even friends.

There is that 1 or 2 Customers that will bring in most of your Revenue.

Morale of the story;
As You proceed in the month (and by extension the year)

Focus on your high value 20%… Stop collecting Extra Sheet 😂.


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