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Life in Algorithms.

The word “Algorithm” is one of the many buzzwords in my field (Information Technology). When Tech. Guys want to confound the Non-techies they use phrases like “I am trying to build an algorithm to solve that problem”,”That Algorithm has a Big O notation”. A such the world has come to view algorithms as a property of computers.

However, it doesnt have to be so.

The term “algorithm” was first a word in the dictionary before it was adopted and customized by men in my field.

Simply put, an algorithm is “a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations”. According to my M.Sc notes, an Algorithm is a finite step-by-step sequence of instructions to solve a well defined problem (either computational or otherwise). Viola!

That’s it.

The pioneers of mathematics and computing understood the import of breaking down problems into chewable chunks before you even set out to punch your first code, that was why the employed algorithms and pseudocodes. An algorithm gives you the luxury of pre-solving the problem before the actual solving process. Algorithms provide you with something in the neighbourhood of a recipe for cooking up your favorite soup (AKA Solving your problems).

How sweet would life be if every one has algorithms for living….

It is still very early in the year; the period when people make “New Year Resolutions” and set goals which they will likely reset in the next three sixty-something days. The resolutions and goals would have been much easier had people employed the computational concepts of algorithms into their day to day on-goings.

Now you see WHY Computing is an applied disciplined..

Break your problems down into chewable chunks,

Try out Object Oriented Problem-solving …(All your problems are objects anyways; they have attributes and behaviours).

Develop an algorithm for your LIFE…

Remember to include a THANK YOU NOTE to me in your algorithm.



I am Seun Ogunmola.


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