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Lessons from Jesus’ Birthday.

Today is the 25th of December 2018, it is Christmas Day all over the globe.

Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the Birth of Jesus, the Christ, the founder of Christianity.


Before You call your DADDY to FREEZE me, I know there are many exegeneses and conspiracy theories concerning the 25th of December.

Some said it is for the pagan Sun god, some said it is for the some old Roman deity, but for the purpose of this write up, we are focusing on Christmas as the birthday of Jesus, the Christ.


If You are not a Christian, let me give You a brief recap of Jesus’ life. 

Jesus was born to Joseph Jesse, the Carpenter and Mary ( a former Virgin).

He was born in a Manger because he parents could probably not afford luxury hospitals at a time when the government hospitals were filled up.

He lived for approximately 33 and a half years before he was crucified by the rulers of his day for calling himself the Son of God.


Two thousand plus years later, we are still celebrating his birthday.

So here is the question:


The answer is just one word.



In his 33 and half years, Jesus built influence.

He went against the norms of his days, brought about a revolution, established a new form a religion, empowered laymen to become an army of evangelists and 2000+ years after he died, we are still celebrating his birthday.


Can we flip the coin?

What if Jesus lived his life like every other Carpenter’s son in Jerusalem?

What if Jesus lived like every other NORMAL PERSON?

What if Jesus did not follow the path he followed?

What if Jesus got a job instead and did 8-4 till he retired, lived on his pension and died?

Will there be a Christmas day today? 

Well if there was another Jesus that came after Jesus, maybe, but I doubt we will be celebrating Christmas today.


So which lessons can You and I pick from this Christmas asides from crunching Chickens, eating Jollof Rice and getting bonuses at work?

We should live our lives to build influence.


Can I ask You a Question?

The way you are living your life today, if You die now, will anyone (except your family) remember You 5 years from now?  how about 10 years? or say a century?


The truth is, the way we are living our 8-5 lives today, nobody will remember us 5 years from now if we die today.


How do we proceed?

Live your live to influence others.

Use your Life to send a message.

Focus on a particular area of live and be known for it.

By so doing, if and when You die, just like Jesus, the Christ, men will remember You and probably celebrate You years after you are long gone.


Merry Christmas once again.

Dont forget to build influence.


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