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Keep your titles, show us your solutions.

I have noticed a trend lately, for the lack of a better adjective, let me call it “The LinkedIn-Bandwagon”.

LinkedIn bandwagon because is one of those socio-professional networks that gives you the opportunity to showcase your career bragging rights in grand style.

It is on LinkedIn that people are “Notepad Specialists”, “Microsoft Word Analysts”,”Twitter Experts”,”Facebook Economists”, “CEO and Group M/D” all at once. Well,that is a post for another day.

Back to “The LinkedIn-Bandwagon”.

I noticed recently that loads of millennials like myself prefer the “Titles” to cold-blood hard work and real-life solution provision. If you take a quick skim through my various Instant Message (IM) and Social Media platforms what you will see is an intimidating array of “title” PMs (Private Messages); that short introductory text on BBM,Whatsapp profiles.

Last time I checked I think I have more CEOs on my contact lists than registered companies in Nigeria. (That was an exaggeration) 😀

CEO, Thunder and Fire LTD;

CEO Tsunami LTD,

CEO, Niger Delta Avengers

CEO, This, CEO That

Anytime I am in the mood for “troublelooking” (looking for trouble), I chat one of ’em CEOs up and then I ask questions like; So what do you do in your company? or what products or service do you have that I can patronize? or How can we collaborate on your product and service offerings?. The answers come in different tones but they all usually mean the same thing. My CEO contact goes; “Well, I am still trying to register at the CAC, I am still looking for somebody to “Epp” me with my App, I am still, I am still, I am still……, the I am stills never end”

Now here is my question, since you are still “stilling”, dont you think it is better to focus (or better still focuzz in Falz’s voice) on proffering and providing at least one valuable product or service solution before you flaunt your CEO status?

Bros, keep your title first and show us your solutions. Then, you can bring your complimentary card or complimentary billboard or banner.


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