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Innovate or Resign or get Sacked.

Innovation does not necessarily mean You have to be churning out Teslas, Hyperloops and Falcon Heavies like Boda Musk.

It simply means finding better ways to do things.

Let us break it down;

How can You do your current Job tasks easier, faster and more accurately with the same or a lesser budget?

How do You bring in the same reports you have been bringing with new tools such that You save the company time and money they would have used to buy plenty A4 papers?

Teacher, which new methods can You employ to make your students understand topics better and perform better?

Developer, how do you go from idea or backlog to reasonable viable product/feature within the shortest time frame.

Find answers to some of these questions, refine and implement your answers and you are on your way to being innovative.

Failure to do this, one day, one smart guy will come to your office and do in 1 week what You do in 3 months then You will say it is your village people that used NIPOST to send your sack letter to your company.

BTW, a new job is not always the answer to more pay, your current company still has extra money to pay just that they have not yet perceived You as someone they should pay more money to.

Add innovative value to them, help them save more money, help them make more money, now tell them you are resigning or they increase your pay, see if they will not increase your pay.


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