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Increase your SALES by 50% with this tip

Happy New Week!
Will You like to SELL MORE of your Products and Services this week?
If You answered Yes to the Question above, then You should read on, the information in this post can help You increase your SALES by at least 50% this week.
You see my friend, a quick way to get your existing Customers or new Customers to buy more from You is to give them irresistible JUICY OFFERS.
What does this mean?
It means giving them an offer they cannot resist; an offer that they will feel bad if they don’t jump on it.
At a time like this, one of the juiciest of offers is what we call the BLACK FRIDAY offer.
In case You are wondering what Black Friday is,
It is a particular Friday set out by Business people most commonly e-Commerce Companies, where they will offer their Customers massive discounts and price slashes.
These Black Fridays are equally met with Customer Preparedness… i.e. a lot of people have been SAVING their MONEY all year so they can SPEND IT on Black Friday.
For this year, November 27th has been set out as the Black Friday but You don’t have to wait till then, You can start your own black, yellow or orange Monday today.
Give your Customers juicy offers starting from today.
Who does not want to get 30% off a Product or Service?
Are You still with Me?
Here is the interesting part.
As a Business owner, You should learn how to implement strategies that work in your Business too.
Here is list to guide You on how You can use the Black Friday Strategy for your Business;
1. Look at the products You have for Sale, which ones can You offer discounts on? even if it is as little as 100 Naira?
2. Which other offers can You add to the product? Can You deliver them for FREE? Can You add an extra Product for FREE? Will the Customer can a complementary product when they purchase the product?
3. Now craft the offer. e.g Save 10 Naira if You Buy this Bottle of Coke for 90 Naira instead of 100 Naira… Order this product and we will deliver it to You for free.. Do You understand the logic now?
4. Add a Deadline; usually our brains work with urgency and deadline. So people will tend to take your offer if they are told it is going to expire in 5 hours or 24 hours or 3 days or 5 days as against having no deadline. It is easy for your customer to procrastinate buying from You if there are no deadlines on your offer. So add a deadline. Will the offer expire this Friday or next week or the end of November? Add a deadline.
5. Next thing is to communicate the offer. How will You let the word out? Your Whatsapp Status? A Facebook or Instagram post? Paid Ads? Your e-Commerce website?.. Think of the best way to communicate this offer to your Customers.
6. Finally, sit back, wait for orders to come in as You ship your Products/Services to your Customers.
We hope You find this useful?
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Cheers to bountiful Sales.

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