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If God Had a Suggestion Box IV.

As a kid, I was a bona-fide member of the Sunday School. (My Mum was a Sunday School Teacher too so I technically had no choice anyways).

In Sunday School, we learnt a lot of bible stories from where our Teachers would chip in one prayer point or the other.

Most of the times, I was very attentive, however, one of the stories that gets me raising “brain brows” was the story of Adam and Eve and the serpent and the Apple.

Prior to that time, it was already an established fact that God is the All-Knowing, Omniscient Super Being who knows the end from the beginning.

As a kid I questioned the fact that if God knew that Adam and Eve would be tempted by a serpent and eventually eat the forbidden fruit and he will eventually send them out of the garden, why did he put the tree bearing the forbidden fruit in the garden in the first place.

Apparently, a lot of us attended Sunday Schools too (and or the Muslim or traditional equivalence) and we have been hardwired with the fact that whatever happens it happens according to what God already knew would happen.

Fast forward to 2016, I am no longer a kid in the Sunday School.

These days I travel a lot and I drive on the highways.
When, I see trailers and heavy duty vehicles dashing at high speed towards my direction, the part of brain that does not want to die yet quickly tells me to maneveur the car to a position of safety.

Of course God knows I was going to steer myself to safety right??

What if I so decide to drive straight into the approaching trailer and I get “Dagrined” in the process.

Of course people will say God knows too?

If God had a suggestion box, I will write to him and ask him to send a Prophet to the sons of men to make them understand that as much as he is Omniscient, he put FREE-WILL in us for a reason.

Sometimes, Our decisions, actions and inactions might lead us in direction that even God was not planning for us.

P.S. This is not a religious post, take your bible study to “digging deep”.

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