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If God Had a Suggestion Box III.

If God had a suggestion box, I will write to him and beg him that every Sunday he should boldly paste his account details in the Sky like he does with the Rainbow OR better Still he should send Angel Gabriel or Uriel and make them visible to us and have them stay at the door to collect HIS money on his behalf.

Afterall, when they come and read the book of Malachi to us every Sunday, they tell us it is GOD’S MONEY.

Cut us some slack.

We are not dummies.

We understand the Church needs funds, who doesnt.

The church auditorium is probably rented or in the process of being constructed and maintained. That requires money.

The speakers and instruments did not fall down from heaven with the Manna, they were bought with money.

The Pastor needs to wear some real good suits who does not? Good suits cost money, we understand.

The Airconditioners and Fans do not run on solar energy (at least not yet) they probably run on generators most of the time and Petrol is 145 Naira per litre, Diesel isnt any lesser.

The Church needs money just like every other organization.

Explain that to us, show us the numbers, we can relate and we will even contribute MORE.

Dont come and tell us it is God’s money.

Tell us the Church needs more, We will contribute.

Dont make people look like Sinners for not EPPING you to meet your GOs targets.

Malachi is dead but his “manhood” is living for ever.

God does not need money.

It is not God’s money.

If God Had a Suggestion Box, I will write to him and tell him many of our Pastors are impersonating him and telling us he needs money when he is the All-Sufficient.

P.S. And like I always say, this is not a Religious Post, take your Bible study to the next house.


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