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If God Had a Suggestion Box II.

On Religious Psychologists

I grew up in a very religious environment.

My grand mum was (and is still) the equivalent of a Mother Theresa in the Cherubim and Serafim (*in Fela’s Voice*) movement.

My Mom navigated from the Apostolic Faith to the Apostolic Church and am sure She is currently living on Apostolic Street in heaven.

A such, I had the experience of the White Garments and the Blue Garments.

As the good Lord will have it too, against all my plans of becoming a Kegite Jagaban in University I fell into the waiting claws of TACSFON. *Thank God for That* (Opelope TACSFON men would have become something else).

On one of the many Ori-Oke sessions with Grandma, one Woli-Agba was meant to pray for meand my brothers, He looked critically at Me, Damilolaand Ope and he said the “spirit” said he should tell me that I should stop going to PARTIES and desist from Alchohol.

Apparently, he had looked at my stature, (at that time I was building both physical and spiritual muscles) and from the look and feel I looked like an “Omo Wobe” .

Apparently, his “spirit” missed road ‘cos at that time, I was a deep rooted member and Exco in TACSFON, the only Alcohol I had tasted in my entire life was the ALCOHOL OF THE HOLY SPIRIT when we get drunk at Akindeko Car Park and Smoke Holy Ghost Weed.

The Psychological Woli Agba was wrong.

On the Apostolic axis too, I have witnessed spirit filled demon-chasing, atomic-bomb brothers who would mount the Altar and receive greater anointing than Jesus Christ himself and then tell you how they have not tasted Paracetamol in 20 years and then in the course of trying to get Anti-Malarial Drugs to EPP my own Un-believe, I will jam them at Pharmacy stores buying even stronger drugs than I came to buy?

I be like Brother bhet why?? Has the spirit left you like Saul??

Cut us some slack.

We are human beings.

We are spirit beings yet we live in Mortal Bodies that have cells and tissues that are subject to wear and tear and even death.

It is only our SPIRIT that is IMMORTAL, our bodies are not.

Papa Idahosa raised the DEATH by his anointing, today, he is DEAD because of course he is HUMAN.

Cut us some slack.

Free Us from the Religious Hypocrises.

If God had a suggestion Box, I will write to him and tell him to Speak out like he did during Jesus’ baptism whenever Hypocrites like this mount our altars to deceive people.

P.S. And like I always say, this is not a Religious Post, take your Bible study to the next house.


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