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If God Had a Suggestion Box I.

If God had a suggestion box that allows us to post our suggestions from here and he will get to read it in heaven, I am sure he will get loads of suggestions from me that my name will become popular amongst the Angels.

If God had a suggestion box, my first suggestion will be that HELL be divided into compartments with varying HEAT levels, some burning at 1000 Fahrenheits,some at 10000 and some at 1000000.

I am a practising Christian and I understand a Sin is a Sin, no greate r one.

But it becomes annoying to me when one who “rocks and rolls” with the Choir Mistresses (afterall they are mistresses) is openingly scolding and suspending another for “rocking and rolling” with a floor member.

Folks like this should get hotter compartments in Hell.


P.S. This is first of my many series on #IfGodHadASuggestionBox
I have finally decided to air my views on the communal hypocrises we witness every day.


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