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How Insane are you?

It was Albert Einstein that defined Insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Going by that definition, it technically means we all (including Einstein) have been insane at one point or the other in our lives.

There have been times when we have practically done the same things; Went to Work doing the same things, prayed the same way, handled our relationships the same way, spend money the same old way and then we expect God to just cut us some slack and make things turn out differently.

Personally, I think it is okay to be insane ( by Einstein’s definition) for once or twice or a couple of times. What I don’t think is okay is when the insanity becomes an iteration. You run your life the same way you have been doing for the past few years and then expect some lucky break. 

You go to work, do the same thing like every other person does, add no tangible value and then expect the Boss to just run some Bonanza and you get a raise?

You spend your salary even before it hits your account, borrow more to augment for your loan-funded life and then just hope that someone will drop 20 Million Naira on your foot path to work? That is pretty Insane you know.

I honestly think our level of insanity is inversely proportional to how much we advance in life. In other words, the more insane you are the lesser your advancement and vice versa.

Those of us that must forge ahead in the days, years and months to come must learn how not to do the same things over and over and over again and expect different results.

So I think it will not be a bad idea if every morning before you set out, you ask yourself and honestly answer the question below;

How Insane will I be today? AKA How many monotonous iterations will I make today and expect different results?

I am Out!


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