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How did they get there?

How did they get there?

That is the question I ask whenever I come across people who are doing stuffs I hope to do, or have the stuffs I am hoping to acquire in the “future”. I believe there in lies the answers to some of the puzzles we are trying to solve all by ourselves.

Like it or not, we all have Celebrities or let me say Role Models and whenever you come across your “Celebs” either in person or virtually, the first thing to ask for is not an Autograph or some of there belongings. Well that depends on the kind of Fan you are though. Some Fans want to remain Fans all their lives while some want to evolve and become like their Celebs too. (They want to leave the status of a Fan and become Airconditioners…LOL)

Whenever you hear the stories of “successful” people, there are one or two nuggets you can pick up. Experiences might be personal but principles are universal. If you listen to their stories and carefully sift the principles that lie there in and you apply them to your endeavors, I believe in no time you will become like them too.

A typical examples;

Last year I wanted to evolve a venture partnership firm and I have heard about the Dozie Brothers (Ngozi and Uzoma), in case you dont know them, they are the “Big Boys” of Kaizen Venture Partners, they firm that owns many innovative companies across Africa including the famous Cafe Neo.

I went online to scavenge for every information I could find about these duo, they were already doing something I hoped to do in the years to come, I read about them, listened to their podcasts, watched their videos, visited their Cafe Neo outlets until one day luck smiled on me, and I stumbled on Ngozi Dozie himself, I was tempted to ask for an autograph 😀 LOL.. but I got some other vital lesson instead.

Cut the long story short, by simply asking “How the Big Boys of Cafe Neo” got to where they are, I have picked up a lesson or two and today, I have got Teravest Venture Partners UP, well I cannot say “RUNNING” for now, but whatever is up I believe will soon be running.

Do not forget the core of this message, whenever you come across people doing stuffs you are hoping to do, simply learn to ask “How did they get there?”, you might as well be on your way to achieving that which you are “hoping” to do.


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