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Hey, I just launched

Hey, just went live (might still be propagating sef).

So what is this one all about?

Well, I presume the name is self-explanatory but assumptions are sometimes wrong.

So let me explain.

Personally, I do a lot of travelings; Air, Road, Telepathy, “Inter-Personal” just name it. But Road Transportation accounts for like 70% of my trips.

One major challenge I face during my trips is this issue of Potholes and Bad Roads every where. It is not peculiar to any State or region.

North, South, West and East, Potholes are everywhere you go just like MTN.

I presume I am not the only one that has witnessed these.

A Nigerian that has not encountered Potholes and Bad Roads, Is that one a Nigerian?

**Except You are a Nigerian living in the abroad sha o.

I did a little research and I discovered there is a Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA) and most States have a Ministry of Works. These are folks who are on a National and State Payrolls. Their Job(s) is to ensure that our roads are well maintained and in good conditions.

But from the look of things, they do not seem to be doing their Jobs at all let alone good jobs.

I thought to myself, Maybe they have forgotten their Jobs?

Maybe they dont actually know these roads are bad?

What if we remind them of their Job description and tell them that these roads are actually bad?

Way forward….

Cement nor Gravel I have not, so I decided to use what I have to help out in reminding them of their jobs. Hence, the idea was born.

How does it work?

  1. Get People to report Potholes and Bad Road portions in their areas.
  2. We collate the reports on a State basis at periodic intervals
  3. We send the report to FERMA and the necessary authorities.
  4. We persuade and pester them (FERMA) (I prefer to use BULLY but we dont want to appear as Cyber-bullies) until they do something about the bad roads.

Hopefully, this will go a short (or long) way in advocating for good roads in the country.

And for the very first time, I am working on an idea without thinking about a Business Model…LOL… 🙂

I guess I am a good Man.

Help share to your friends and enemies alike.

P.S. For the sake of natural critics who dont actually do anything safe for critiquing, this idea is still in Beta state (I went from Idea to MVP in 48 hours). If the idea garners enough responses then I can invest in building a much better Web App and maybe a Mobile App.

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