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Have you heard about MVU?

Hi there!, How is the grind coming through?

Been a while I web-logged here, I have been busy with The Hustle. We all should 🙂

So, I decided to steal 15 minutes off the grind today and share something I came across recently with You. 

Have You heard about MVU? Yes MVU!. Its the acronym for Most Valuable Use (of your time).

Like it or not, whatever You are into, You are in the Time-business.

Your company is paying You to clock in at 8am and clock out at 4 or 5pm?. They are paying for your time.

As a Consultant, I charge people for using my time to solve their problems.

You go to church at 8 or 9am on Sunday and close by 11 or 12, your Pastor uses his time to preach a good sermon to You and other congregants.

Now I guess You see why we are all in the time Business.

So, if we both agree that we are in the time business, will it not be cool if we decide to use our times wisely?.

Hence, the need to decipher and understand your MVU!.

The concept of MVU is not based on some complex mathematical model. It is very simple.

It is as simple as examining every task You have before You and honestly asking yourself “Which of these tasks will be the most valuable use of my time at the moment?”

Answer that question honestly and then go ahead to devote your entire attention to its completion. Repeat it until You dont have any tasks to complete (I doubt this will ever happen). By so doing, You might have found the Most Valuable Use of your time.

Goodluck with your MVU!

Cheers to the new week.

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