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Happy New Month Fam! – Free gifts anyone?

Happy New Month Fam!,

It is February 2019 already!

You know that thing about February being the month of love?


Well, in Nigeria where I currently reside, it is also the month of Elections.

Before the end of this month Nigerians will probably hold on to their incumbent “GrandPa” President or get a recycled former Vice President as President.. either ways, we keep grinding.


Away from Politics talk jare because I am not a politician I am only a young man trying to go to bed richer than I woke up by giving much more value than You paid for.

And talking about value, continue reading I have got some for You


Valentine came early Baby!

Come February 14th, it will be Valentine’s day, and folks will LOSE a lot of things just like the original VALENTINE lost his Head.

Folks will lose Money, esteem, Virginity etc all in the name of Valentine.. but I am not your Pastor so I am not in the position to preach what is Sin and what is not Sin.

So that You don’t LOSE MUCH on the 14th of February (If You are on that table that I am shaking), I have decided to make Valentine come early.

I have 2 gifts for You, not Ice Cream, Chocolates or Flowers anyways. I dont have any of those.

It is what I have that I will give You.. I have KNOWLEDGE and INSIGHTS and I have packaged some of them in Books.

For Valentine, I am gifting You 2 of my books. They are FRESH books I just wrote this year.

One is on MONEY so that You dont LOSE YOUR MONEY!

The other one is on BRANDING. So You dont LOSE YOUR ESTEEM and BRAND.

They are ABSOLUTELY FREE, No “Trojan Horse” anywhere, it is not a sales funnel.  🙂  😉  😎

Find the books below




I wish you the best in the month.


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