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Get Paid More by answering this Question

This is a sequel to my article titled “Make More Money By Asking These 2 Critical Questions“.

In that article, I encouraged You to ask 2 critical questions namely;

  1. What am I bringing to the table? and 
  2. What is my offer?

If You have not read the article, Click here to read it now

Why the sequel?

The article garnered a handful of readership and good feedback so I thought to add this sequel.

Have You asked and answered the 2 questions?

If You answered the questions I believe by now You should have much more clarity as to how to get more rewards for your efforts.

Moving forward, It is not enough to make some Money, the goal is to make more Money and much more Money until You are contented.

How do we proceed on the journey to make much more Money?

It is one thing to bring something to the table and have an offer, it is another thing for You to be offering that “solution” to the right Customer.

For instance, trying to sell Baby food to a Bachelor (who doesn’t have a Baby Mama or a baby Nephew/Niece) is “bad market”.

You can be selling the best Baby Food in town but trying to “offer” it to someone who doesnt have a baby will not make You any kobo.

With that said, in addition to your “Solution” and your offer “Offer”, You have to answer this very important question

What does the Customer want?

Answering that question will give You more clarity about  “What to Offer”.

It could be that You have to tweak what You already have or You have to offer something entirely different.

Can we go back to our Bachelor story?

Instead of trying to sell Baby Food to a BabyMama-less Bachelor (lol), what if You ask yourself or the person “What exactly does He want/need?”.

I was once a Bachelor too and I know that Bachelors need Food too but not Baby food…maybe You should sell healthy alternatives to Noddles and Bread.

Answering that question will help You from trying to Sell Ice to Eskimos.

Whenever I hear people bragging about being able to sell Ice to Eskimos, I cringe.

Why Sell Ice to Eskimos nitori Olorun? It is like trying to sell Traffic to Lagos… or selling Coal in Enugu…they already have it in abundance.

Instead of selling Coal in Enugu or Traffic in Lagos, why not ask yourself, What do Enugu people want?.. the answer is “Clean Water”, what do Lagos people want? a lot of things actually but whatever will keep people in their homes while they can still make the money they came to Lagos to make will sell.

Do You understand what I am trying to pass across?

This principle can also be applied to a Job situation too.

Let’s assume You are an employee in an organisation, this time, your Customer is your Boss or Employer.

Instead of resuming work everyday, doing the least work possible and expecting salary increments and promotions at the end of the year ask yourself  “What does my Boss want?” or “What does this organisation need?” .

I have some experience in Employer-Employee relationships, I have worked on both sides so I can offer You some insights.

Here are 4 major things your Employer wants;

  1. He/She wants to MAKE MORE MONEY
  2. He/She wants to SAVE MORE MONEY
  3. He/She wants to INCREASE THE BRAND EQUITY of the Business
  4. He/She wants to INCREASE THE MARKET OF the Products/Services offered by the organization.

Now that I have given You “expo”, ask yourself “HOW CAN I OFFER MY BOSS/EMPLOYER ANY OF THESE?”


The key take-away is that in addition to your “Solution” and your “Offer”, You should also answer the question “What does my Customer want?”.

With these 3 insights, You are on your way to getting paid more as a Business Owner and earning more Money as an Employee.


You will hear from me soon.

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