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Feminism is not an excuse….

I meet some folks of the opposite-sex daily who seem to have gotten a lifetime excuse for their mediocrises.

Wollup, before you tag me anti-anything.

I have got great female friends in their numbers.

I have got my friend Christiana Akabuike, her hustle-spirit constantly keeps me on my toes.

I have got my forever-crush Mkpouto Okoko who will not only best you in class, she will also best you on the pitch. Providence has not afforded me the opportunity to see her performance in the “other room” she probably would get a First Class there too.

And then I have got my big Sis Oluwabusola Majekodunmi whose best-in-West-Africa WAEC result restored my genius-OT back to factory settings.

I have got them in their numbers.

We have other popular names like Toyosi-Akerele, Oprah Winfrey, The young Malala who have defied feminism and are becoming the best versions of themselves.

Where am I driving at actually,

That you are female is not a Free-coupon that enables you to do the pointing why the other guy does the paying.

That you are female, is not enough reason to be satisified with not doing more, afterall you are female and will end up marrying a rich handsome dude and you dont want to be competiting with your hubby.

That you are female is not excuse enough for you not to aspire to attain the greatest heights in whatever it is you choose to do.

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