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Fear is your Friend.

A lot has been said about Fear in recent times.

If not for FEAR, many motivational speakers would have run out of topics.

Everyone seems to be Anti-Fear. You hear statements like “Kill Fear, before Fear kills you”, “Everything you want is on the other side of Fear”,”We are not living our dreams because of Fear”. There are well over a thousand Phobias (variants of Fear) in the world today.

Haba!, Na only FEAR waka come?

Of a truth, Fear accounts for a Lion share of the reason why people do not grab opportunities that come their way, Fear is topping the chart of Potential-Limiters.

However, FEAR just like Nature and other natural phenomenons are NEUTRAL, they are neither GOOD nor BAD, they are to you what you want them to be.  Fire for example cooked the Food I ate this morning but the same Fire on my clothes would have ruined my well-tailored suit. Now tell me, is FIRE good or bad?. That is exactly how fear is.

While some people point at FEAR when asked the cause of their in-actions, another class of people point at FEAR when asked what motivated them to take the quantum leap.

I have come across folks who for the FEAR of being poor took steps that took them to riches, I have friends who for the fear of being ignorant have immersed themselves in the acquisition of Wisdom and Knowledge that will persist for generations to come. Some of us for the fear of making the mistakes of people ahead of us have decided to lead life differently.

The same fear that motivational speakers tell you is limiting you is the same reason why some of us “hustle” and “grind” hard. For the fear of returning back to where we are coming from, we garner the energy to forge ahead and move forward.

So can I ask you again, Is Fear good or bad?

Is Fear your Friend or your Enemy?


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