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Dear Storyteller, Please tell us the CORE of your Story.


Back in the days as a Teen, I used to attend Youth Conferences and Seminars.

And then once in a while, the organizers would bring seemingly “Successful” folks to talk to us and inspire us.

Some of “the Successful” folks will grab the MIC and begin to tell us about days when they had just 2 Shirts and 2 Trousers and how “Grace” had brought them to where they are.

I have sinced grown up, and I cannot vividly remember any point in time when I had just “2 Shirts and Trousers” (even my Boxers were not 2) and Shirts were not as expensive
during their time as they are now, so I begin to wonder why they had just 2 shirts.

So when some of us out of the products of our Laziness happened to check our wardrobes and all we have left is 2 Shirts and Trousers, we smile and sit patiently waiting for Lady GRACE to come strolling by.

Where am I driving at?

The Accountant among them did not tell us how he aced his ICAN exams, did not stop until he got ACCA certified, how he prepared rigorously for his interviews and how
he audited his organization’s accounts like his life depended on it.

The Medical Doctors among them did not tell us how he survived the rigors of Medical School, how he practiced with Cadavers, how he went through ward-rounds
upon ward rounds, how he is constantly on CALL like a call-center agent.

The IT Guys (I doubt if there were any) among them did not tell us how EASY it was to learn the language of Computers, debugs thousands of lines of code, how Headaches
transformed into HeadQUAKES.

At best all We (or should I say I) leave such sessions with are two messages, “They had just 2 Shirts and Trousers” and then they encountered GRACE or GRACE encountered them
and they began flossing and balling.

That I believe is not the core of their messages.

I write this because I am begining to see the same TREND at work among those of us that are becoming “Successful”.

If you must tell your story, be ready to tell the CORE of your story or NOTHING.


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